Schmidt Media Design AG - Advertising Agency Konstanz Lake Constance

International full-service advertising agency for advertising in Konstanz at Lake Constance

As a full service advertising agency the Schmidt Media Design AG offers the following portfolio of advertising: graphic design of print media, virtual media such as Internet, multimedia, film and 3D animation, as well as branding (development of corporate identity, corporate design and corporate sound) and brand development / brand and exhibition booth concepts.

Schmidt Media Design AG is a network-based full-service advertising agency working in Konstanz with an international orientation and focus on B2B. In addition to our headquarters in Konstanz Schmidt Media Design AG is represented by our employees and partners in Munich and Hamburg.

  • Graphic design (print media, company logos)
  • Screen design (websites, multimedia, cross-media applications, and iOS / Android Apps)
  • Packaging design
  • Site concepts (concept, design, programming)
  • Multimedia, 3D animation, Flash®
  • Interactive Media concepts for retail applications, cross-media
  • Branding, brand consultancy, brand development
  • Corporate identity and corporate design (style guides)
  • Corporate Sound Concepts
  • Stand concepts (design, planning and implementation with our partner network)

Schmidt Media Design AG
Konradigasse 5
D - 78462 Konstanz, Lake Constance
Phone: +49 7531 584 95 0
Fax: +49 7531 584 95 10

Frank Schmidt Phone: +49 7531 584 9595  
Bjoern Spaeter Phone: +49 7531 584 9591  

Silver Award of BCM Forum

Schmidt Media Design wins „Silver Award 2016" in Hamburg. Read more...

Silber Award BCM